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With Due Respect To 2022, A Lovely Letter To You. Goodbye!!

Date: 2022-12-10 12:31:06

By TabloidXO Writers

Dear 2022,

I can't believe you are going to end soon. I saw you take birth and bloom. Now, you are at your peak and will soon attain salvation.You have always been good to me. Well, you have tried to. But, I have mixed feelings about you. You saw my laughter, tears and excitement. I sincerely wish you had a longer lifespan. But I'm excited to welcome your successor.You saw some pretty mighty issues on the global sphere. You saw births and deaths. You can never be reborn. But I guess some coming years would remind me of you.

I was awake when you were born. I sent new year wishes to my dear ones. It was a good start. There we started to go hand in hand. Your birth was a glorious occasion for both of us. I deeply cared for you. I love the number 17. I don't know how I would feel about 18. I'll know as it arrives. I don't remember the point when I lost track of you.

I forgot what you meant. You just went on and I didn't even care what month it was. Occasional reminders like exam tried to make things better for us.

You could have been more exciting and colourful. Some important events took place and I cherished each one of them. I am not blaming you.You were not harsh on me. You began really well.

Time just flies.I grew by one year. Everything is changing. Seasons are giving way to newer seasons. Natural calamities are taking place. Society is flourishing and getting destroyed at the same time. Irony can be seen everywhere. People are bonding and losing track. Newer inventions are being made every day. Science is progressing. The economy is undergoing changes. Life is on another ride.

I wish to stay down to earth and happy. You accompanied me on my path. I'm even discovering that I'm changing physically and mentally. I'm glad I'm leaving you are a more mature person.

I'll always remember you. You not only stay on dates but also in memories. There are lots which have been brightened by the presence of loved ones. You came with more books and happiness. You made me think deeper. I began introspection. I'll remember that about you. Memories are treasures. I learnt a lot when you were by my side. I need to be your side when you are going to breathe your final breath. Thanks for always being there for me. You are not just a number. I saw many new things, learnt new skills all with you. Time takes an ultimate decision about everything. Time can heal anything. Never ever think that I didn't care for you. I tried my best to be not emotionally attached to anything, even a year. Some things are adamant and don't work. I will miss you. Thanks for enduring me. Goodness will be rewarded. Love can be dealt with love only. I would like to express my love.

You will be remembered by not just me, but millions. You are relevant.
Yours lovingly,
An admirer.

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