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Health Ministry Want You To Be A Vegetarian, And Their Tweet Does Not Go Well With Non-Vegetarians

Date: 2018-04-24 01:58:30

By TabloidXO Writers

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare annoyed many of the Twitter users today.
They tweeted something which didn't go well with the Twitterati and the users left no stone unturned, to Troll.

The Health ministry tweeted a photo where there is a poster of two women's. The left image shows a woman who has a curvy body and according to them it is an unhealthy lifestyle and the food included are,
Cold drink, eggs, French fries, donuts, meat and many more food items.

And now the right side image shows slim women, and the food in this image shown is, All the green veggies and fruits, which according to them is a symbol of healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

Twitter users felt offended by this brainless tweet. This left Twitter with so many questions, How can an egg be unhealthy?, Did they do body shaming?
Twitter gave a befitting reply.









By this outrage, the original tweet by Health Ministry has been deleted. I Hope next time they do take care of their Tweets.

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