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In Spite Of Millions Of Indian Plunge Into Ganges River! How It Is Still The Purest River? - Government Wants To Know.

Date: 2018-02-06 18:55:05

By TabloidXO Writers


Doubtlessly we know millions of people dive into Ganga every year to wash out their sins, but did you ever thought, despite so many people plunge in, the Ganges is still flowing so purely.

To Find This-

Central Government made a team to find out what makes Ganga the purest river, The team has completed their study and gave the report to the Central Government.


According to them, there are 'Bacteriophage' found in the Ganga river which prevents Ganga from getting dirty.

Do you know how Ganga river is formed?

The origin of Ganga is from the melted ice of glaciers of Gangotri, Satopanth, Khatling and Kedarnath, and several other peaks. You will find much flora around these destinations and from all these mixtures of flora, the river Ganga extracts these purities.
And to know all other purities, the Government made a team to study more about Ganga's purity.


National Environment Research Institute will conduct this study and Rs. 4.96 Crores will be spend on this study.

"Har Har Gange"

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