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This Is Deep Inside Me, To All The Girls Out There, I Urge You All To Be Confident And Strong #MeToo

Date: 2018-01-17 01:43:58

By Erica


Demi Lovato in her popular pop single asks, "what's wrong with being confident?" True, isn't it?

When you are little, everything you do is treated and believed to be subjected to innocence. Once the neighbor's daughter followed a man to his apartment right next to theirs. Luckily, they got to her as soon as she entered. She couldn't remember why she followed him. She couldn't remember what she was doing there. I kept the thought to myself that she was probably hypnotized. Her mother shouted at her, but didn't say anything else. Today, if the girl makes the same mistake, of course her parents won't judge. I hope not. But society will. Will anybody blame one party? No. I don't think so. This is what needs to change. Men and women thinking that it is okay to mistreat somebody's freedom to say no. Ignore to respect another's refusal.

Growing up doesn't mean freedom today. It means responsibility. Growing up doesn't mean only responsibility, it also means possibility. You are older now, braver and stronger than you believe. You know what is right and what is not. You know when to stop and when to keep moving.


At the Golden Globes Oprah gave a moving speech. Not just a moving speech but one that sparked a fire within people all over the world. This iconic woman who went from suffering from poverty to America's first black millionaire, told the world that and I quote, "a new day is on the horizon!"

Maybe not all of us are confident enough to strike back at haters, at mean that stare and cat call. But it's better late than never. Sometimes I feel when you are a small kid, you are surrounded by protectors. They forget to teach us how to protect ourselves when we grow older. They forget we can't rely on them having our back or standing up for us. We have to learn to do it ourselves.


The "#Metoo"movement helped and motivated women to raise a voice against the monsters of the past, present and future. It gave women a chance to speak of the darkness they experienced. Tarana Burke, a civil rights activist, created the Me too movement back in 2006 to fight against sexual assault and abuse in society. Countless number of women spoke against Harvey Weinstein who is am American film producer. It is in fact a ray of hope when one speaks and others follow. They are inspired and awoken. It is a domino effect and it is happening.

Oprah's speech had a great effect on people who started tweeting immediately asking her to run for President. But Trump when asked, said that she wouldn't.
Now only time will tell where the fate of America lies. But for now, one speech, as we can see has shaken the entire world! Isn't it mesmerizing when a single voice jolts the others and everyone gears into action for a brighter, better and safer future? A safer world for women. A better environment for all? I believe it certainly is.

Here's The Video Of Oprah At Golden Globe

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