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India Is Not The Happiest Country, Really? India Ranks 133/156 Countries In UN Happiness Index 2018

Date: 2018-05-05 16:53:36

By Abhishek

Why is India an Unhappy Country? What Happen to us?? We used to be so happy, earlier and now, why are we not sharing smile again?

The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network's (SDSN) prepared the World Happiness Report 2018 and total 156 countries are ranked on the list. Out of these 156 countries, India placed on 133rd in this global list of happiest countries 2018.

India ranking in 2017 was 122; yes we slipped by 11 positions. And in 2016 we were ranked 118.


Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal, China and many other neighboring countries; India is much behind from them.
If we talk about numbers, Sri Lanka ranks 116th position while Pakistan ranks 75th, Nepal ranks at 101st, Bhutan ranks at 97th rank, Bangladesh ranks at 115th in the happiness index.

Finland top the charts and becomes the happiest country, displacing Norway from the first position. Now, Norway is ranked at 2nd position in the UN happiness index. The last rank i.e. 156th position is occupied by Burundi.

Do you know why India ranked this low? What do you think can be the factors for the unhappiness among us?

According to us, Their are multiple reasons,
A) India is becoming a country where there are so many rapists roaming freely, there are no strict punishment.
B) There are so many killings happening in India, there is no safe place where we can say, Yes we are safe here!
C) There is so much gender inequality in our society.
D) We are living our life like a race, where we are competing for the first position.
E)Live the life with comparisons - We are not satisfied with ourselves, we can't stop comparing ourselves to others.

Live a happy life India!! Stay Positive and Live Free, without worries, Without race.

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