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Alyssa, Indian Origin Singer Who Stunned Everyone Even Katy Perry On American Idol With Her Terrific Voice

Date: 2018-03-27 18:51:55

By TabloidXO Writers

Alyssa Raghunandan a contestant on American Idol, who has impressed, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richiel with her amazing performance.

Alyssa Raghunandan sparkling performance earned her the ticket to Hollywood.

She sang Almost is never enough by Ariana Grande, and she sang that good at just 15 years of age, hearing her was magnificent.

Before giving the ticket Katy Perry said:

"I full-body felt what you were singing, I am a believer in you. You're top 10."

After getting the ticket to Hollywood, she went to her father who was waiting for her outside the room, and as soon as she broke the news, he was filled with joy and happiness. And why not!! This is such a proud moment for both.

American Idol, currently the shooting is going in USA and will soon get AIRED on Indian television on Zee Cafe.

See her performance:

She said that her father is *OG*, he is the best buddy and he always support her in music. AWW that's such a cute father-daughter duo.

She definitely deserves an applause.

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