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12 Lessons Kapoor And Sons (since 1921) Movie Taught Me

Date: 2018-03-15 14:35:56

By Erica

Last night I pulled out my laptop and decided to watch Kapoor and sons. I was in for a comedy ride but ended up loving almost everything about the film. Of course, it made me cry. There's an old man who wants his family to be happy again. If you didn't cry, well, go check if you still got emotions in you.

Here are 12 lessons I learnt from this movie

1. Answer your phone!


You never know whether the news will be good or bad. So always answer it.

2. Don't be afraid to ask for help


You might have lesser money than your sibling, but is it even called 'loan' when you ask your sibling to pay for you? No, it doesn't.

3. Notice the little changes. Some problems are bigger than changes made to your old bedroom


Sidharth was angry that his bedroom was converted and being used by his mom. But Fawad understood the deeper meaning. Their parents were facing marriage issues. Sometimes all problems aren't so simple to understand. They are more complex than the bedsheet being pink instead of blue.

4. Make new friends

Dosti chai peke hojaye ya maal phoonk ke, dosti toh dosti hoti haina?

You don't have to fall in love with every friend you make, even though you might be weirdly attracted to him/her. Go mix with old friends. They might say you've changed until you break the award ice nobody might speak. But maybe your old friends is what you need today.

5. No family is perfect


Even if you built a glass house, people would look at the house and not the home you made. They will complement the structure without a care in the world for the failing marriage. So, don't worry about your sister being better than you. You younger sibling scoring better marks and more trophies than you. That your parents make her favorite biscuits and keep passing snide comments when it comes to you. No family is perfect. There are ups and downs. But love is what holds you all together.

6. Kiss and tell


It might seem like Sid made it a huge deal when he found out that Alia kissed his brother Fawad in the movie. It didn't seem like a big deal to me. But if you think about it, he was falling for her and she kept a secret. He trusted his brother and her. The secret however small ruined two relationships. Yes, it didn't mean anything to Fawad and Alia but to Sid, it was still a kiss that happened. Next time you kiss your boyfriend's brother, tell him. Don't think about the reaction, the consequences. The longer you hide a secret the more unrequired importance and focus it gains.

7. The elderly are just never too old


Grandparents might be saddu and cranky at times. But they are full of love, life, and laughter. They miss noise even though they complain about it. they miss having kids around even though they are the ones who tell your parents to teach you to act responsibly. They just want your time. The family's time and attention.

8. Know where the fuse box is


IF you want to avoid kissing strangers in the dark while trying to fix a fuse box (this is such a joke. Who wouldn't want this?) which isn't even the fuse box, know where your fuse box is in the first place.

9. Simple is classy


All the characters tackled each day of their complicated lives with great fashion sense. Sid rocked t-shirts and Alia is a style bomb. No doubt there.

10. Jee le zara


Sid takes his daadu for a fun wheelchair ride around the hospital and Fawad shows off a hidden tattoo claiming to be adventurous. That is what you need when you think life is pressing down on you and you can't breathe. But if you are claustrophobic then you don't have a problem. Otherwise, every time you are in a closed lift, you might remember my advice and books tickets to Hawaii and blame me for going bankrupt.

11. Lies are twisted, ugly and harmful


When you lie to people you love, you are not protecting them or saving them, you are hurting them. You are throwing knives at their back and a wrecking ball is soon approaching to destroy your relationships. Lying is necessary only when there is no other option. The movie depicts a story wherein every single member except the grandfather has lied. The lies sound simple and things we hear often from the padosi wali auntiyan, but it breaks hearts, crushes souls and spirits.

12. Love your parents. Love yourself


This is a two-part explanation :

a. Alia:
she regrets getting angry with her parents for missing her birthday and tells them not to return. They die in a plane crash. Always be nice to people who leave the house on a trip, outing or just to roam about. Say I love you to your parents as often as possible. Appreciate what they do.

b. Fawad:
he explains how hard it is to keep running from a truth that is only going to stick to your side. It is hard to tell your family about your sexuality when they believe differently. You are afraid, probably terrified. But for how long can you keep running? They'll be angry and hurt and say all sorts of things but that doesn't mean the pool of love has run dry. If parents aren't going to understand their children, who will?

If you haven't watched this family drama, I think you should. If you hate the story at least you will enjoy the dhinchak music!

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