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In Kerala, 1.24 Lakh Students Leave Caste & Religion Column 'nil' On The Admission Form

Date: 2018-03-29 15:56:49

By Abhishek

Who is Hindu?
Who is Muslim?
Who is Christian?
Are we not one?

We are thoroughly aware that there is only one creator who has created us and this planet too, still we discriminate ourselves on the basis of different caste or religion. In a world where there is so much ding-dong happening over these sensitive matters, there is some occasion where we can say "The World is a better place to live".

Inchmeal, people are taking a good step in the direction where there should not be any discrimination and one such state is Kerala.

Kerala has always been the pioneer of all such good deeds and now they gave us one more reason to shout out to them. With the good mind and aim to eradicate discrimination from the society, More than 1 lakh students(Class I) in Kerala have opted not to fill that caste or religion column in school admission form.


Out of 3.16 lakh students, 1.24 lakhs students did not fill caste/religion column(This data is for class 1).
Recently, Prof C Ravindranath informs the legislative assembly about this latest trend:

This year at the time of admission a record number of 1.24 lakh students have left religion and caste columns blank while seeking admission. This shows secular credentials of our society.

Weeks back, Kerala footballer C K Vineeth marked 'nil' when he was filling his son's birth certificate. He had set a great example for many Indians.

Hoping to see this trend revolving all through the country. I think I can expect such noble deed!!

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