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This Kolkata Couple Are All Set & Pack To Watch Their 10th Football World Cup Together In Russia

Date: 2018-06-02 17:41:04

By TabloidXO Writers

I don't know what should I say after getting to know about this amazing couple, BUT I am definitely overwhelmed and inspired to see their craziness for the sport, Football.


The Couple names are Pannalal Chatterjee (85) and Chaitali Chatterjee (76), they live in Kidderpore(neighborhood of metropolitan Kolkata) and they are an ardent fan of Football. It was the year 1982 when Kolkata people first time witnessed a live coverage of the football world cup. It was that time when the couple decided to watch the matches from the stands rather than watching on that 20 inch square box TV.

From then to till date they have attended 9 FIFA world cups and this year it will be their 10th time. They are all set and packed to go to Russia in few days.

I am already impressed by their motivational story and commitment towards their own selves.


An emotional Pannalal said from their small flat in a narrow bylane at Kidderpore. "I will be nearing 90 in 2022 and there's little hope that we would make it to Qatar for the next edition."

Now if you are thinking the couple must be wealthy to travel around, you are wrong. Every good thing comes with surprises and sacrifices. They had given up all their unnecessary expenses and lived on a strict tight budget, they even skipped their favorite food, MAACH(fish).


As I told you before, they have a tight budget and they only managed to get only three tickets for the matches. So, in this regard they have written an application to FIFA authorities and Russian Consulate on passionate grounds, so that they can allow the couple to enjoy rest of the matches.

When Chaitali asked about the best moment she has to select from those 36 years, She said with a happy smile:
"Watching the 'Hand of God' occurring right before my eyes, well, how can you expect anything else to top that memory."

In the end, they said: "But now we are old enough, we are lucky that we will make our 10th this time. It's been like a religious trip every time."

Have a wonderful time watching FIFA. I hope you get to see all the matches. Have a safe journey!!

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