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12 Times Ranveer Singh Taught Us How To Live Life To Fullest Without Giving Any F*cks To Hard Life

Date: 2018-07-06 17:57:23

By Abhishek

1. I have to start from this picture because look at this cute *HIM* , It is since childhood he is been looking so cute and ALSO - ALSO, without giving any *Fudge* about 'Log Kya Kahenege'.

Bas itna hi confidence chahiye mujhe apni life mein!

Avant Garde Since 1985

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2. Now, do you really have any excuses to not going to the gym? Make you gym life entertaining, just like him.

3. You seriously need to learn from Ranveer Singh. He is such a Mast-Maula soul, sooner or later, he found a way to spend a fun time at the airport.
And how??

4. Whatsoever the situation is! He will not let us down. Even in such a pressure he is making us laugh.
Want to go for a loo??

5. This is what every human wants to ride like, atleast once in life. The air...The freedom..The song... Just you and the road.
Let the air do the talking.


Khoon Bhari Maang!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ’ฆ@farahkhankunder

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7. No matter if it's the jam-packed road if you want to dance, just put all your heart out and shake your ass.

8. Traveling abroad? Love for India will never plunge.
Pardesi pardesi jana nahi, mujhe chodke... mujhe chodke.

9. Be a bird. Conquer the world and 'Live Life Like Ranveer Size'.

Freedom of a different kind ! Happy #IndependenceDayIndia

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10. Let that kid out.

11. If you have to go through the hanging abs exercise to get the Nutella Bowl, Trust me, it's purely worth it.

12. It's time to spend some fun with your lady love. Let's mollycoddle her, let her make that cute sad face.

Thanks Ranveer to shell out all these cool lessons!

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