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Stop Feminism!! An Open Letter To Those With Brains The Size Of A Peanut.

Date: 2018-02-08 13:39:52

By Erica


The most trending topic of the year is feminism. You hear about it, see people rallying around countries, women fighting for it and giving heart moving speeches at the Golden Globes. It's not only feminism. It is a fight for human rights.

I don't get why men think they are so important that women are fighting against them. We want to be like them. We want to prove that we can do what they can do. That's not the point at all.
Firstly we are fighting against inequality. Secondly, we are fighting for equality. Thirdly we want to prove that there is no excuse that can be used to defend inequality which we are subjected to.

Men have this alpha ego that cannot be hurt. Not all men. They do not like being told what to do, how to do and that there is someone better than them. Since ancient times men are crowned to be superior. What they forget is that a woman rode a horse, a woman leads an army and women have fought in history. They have emerged winners, martyrs, and patriots. They have emerged heroes.


AIB, a Youtube channel released a video called - The Diva Song. At the time, the Kangana-Hrithik drama made headlines so I think people failed to see the message the video sent across. They focused on Kangana's sarcastic jabs at Hrithik and his father. If you get a chance, watch it. The lyrics are on point. There could not be a more accurate song to describe how women are treated in an industry that has a huge impact on the nation.

Boys in school think they can cat-call and tease girls because come on! They are girls. They won't do anything. I read about the incident in the news where a really young boy, probably in the fourth or fifth standard was poking a girl's private parts with pencils. When she finally revealed it to her mother that it hurt her, her mother was furious and went to the Principal who tried giving a very unconvincing and disgraceful excuse to the behavior. The mother of the girl grabbed his crotch and asked if he felt okay about it. That's what she had to do in order to be taken seriously.


Why hadn't a complain been enough? Men with their heads on their knees and their brains that shut off faster than lightning think women are nothing. It's true. Of course, the 'progressive' and 'educated' feel differently. They disrespect women behind closed doors.

I`m not saying men with good hearts and clean minds don't exist. But the few that do, need to multiply. Women are not puppets. Women are not born to do a man's bidding. She has her own free will. She has her own dreams and ambitions. Stomping them and moving up the ladder won't get you very far. Assuming that a woman has to come home early because it's dangerous is crazy. Teach her to be brave. Teach her to protect herself. Teach her to fight and be strong. If you are worried your daughter might be stalked on social media, teach her to talk to you honestly. Show her that she has options on how to deal with such people. Advice which websites to visit and those that are blacklisted.

But above all, encourage any and every girl to speak up for herself. She shouldn't be looking over her shoulder for her knight in shining armor. The time has come: Stereotyping is coming to an end, people who have done wrong to women are being sentenced and women are raising their voice, fighting together for a better tomorrow and a brighter, equal future.

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