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An Emotional Yet Powerful Letter Written By Our Heart To Each One Of Us.

Date: 2018-02-18 12:50:54

By Erica

Dear___________, (Insert Your Name)

I pushed open the gate that led to my front door and stepped out on the road. My hands and feet as tiny as they seemed had an effect as serious as the nuclear explosion on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
I plugged in my earphones and clicked play on Attention by Charlie Puth because that's the only thing I demand.
Even if I try to be as quiet as a thief in the dark with a room full of people just around the corner, I exist. And my presence is felt.
I scare people. That's the saddest part. They are afraid of what might happen if they listen to me. I don't understand why?
It's okay to expose yourself, clueless if you will get hurt or loved. I don't know how to explain that to them.

People are stupid.

They blame me for every wrong decision but thank their friends for the best results. Hello! I am responsible for everything. Part of the wrongdoing is your mistake.
But you are human so you won't accept that.

My job is minimal yet the best, the most crucial. If I stop, you stop. If I feel, you feel. I wish I was acknowledged more. I really do. That feeling is beautiful, dangerous surely but beautiful nonetheless.

Learn to accept, reject, believe, trust, care and the most important of all - LOVE.

It might scare you. So what? Don't you feel terrified when you see images of the best amusement parks and the fun rides they promote? Ignoring the twist in the pit of your stomach, you agree to go all the way to try them out 'at least once'.
Give me a chance at least once.

The first experience was bad. Okay.

The second one screwed two lives - yours and another's. Fine.

The tenth one almost made you give up on me. To hell with that!

I`m ready to break over and over again until someone is too scared to even taint me.
I`m strong, you must remember that.
Don't ever think I won't be able to 'take it anymore' or that 'the pain is too much', because it isn't. Stop thinking what the world wants you to think.

Embrace Love

Spread Love



Be Loved.

Your Heart.

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