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To All Those Who Have Not Stood Amazing In Board Exam, I Just Wanted To Say 'I Trust You & You Will Do Amazing In Life'

Date: 2018-05-26 19:12:49

By Vasundhara

The alarm rings, its 5 am in the morning and you look at it calmly and sit up on your bed. You don't need to be woken up by a mechanical irritant because you have already been awake the night before, stressing out about your result. This is the first time that you have woken up so early in your summer vacations and you waste no time in getting ready and sitting in front of your laptop. The results will not be up on the website until noon but your anxiety levels are shooting up to the moon.

"Which college will take someone who scores 80%?"
"My son scored 95%, how much did your son score? 85%! He should've studied more."
"What should I tell the relatives that you have scored 78%?"

All these negative thoughts are filling up your mind and the past regrets start to kick in, I should've studied more for the history exam and Why did I have to procrastinate so much? Your mind is starting to spiral out of control and you know the very fact that your marks cannot be changed, they have been cemented for a lifetime. You feel as if the time is slowly crawling and the earth has stopped revolving, just then your phone rings and it's your friend from school.

"I am so nervous about today. What about you?"
"Same here."

You decide to open Facebook and take off your mind from the tension of the result, you realize in some hours your feed is going to be flooded with status updates of "96%, I am so happy!!" and "97%, DU it is." So, you log out. Finally, after hours of sitting in front of the laptop and having turned into a sweaty mess of nervousness, you open the website to find out your fate.

Wait, Wait, Wait...
Think again and answer these questions for me:
"If I score low in these board exams, will the rest of my life turn into failure?"
"Will I never be capable of success if I am unable to score more than 90%?"
"Should my only goal in life be to get admission into a good college?"

If you have answered all the above questions with an ardent "no"then I am glad to inform you that you are on the right path. If anyone tells you otherwise, tell them to meet you in 10 years or simply, check your instagram in 10 years. A good mark sheet, a good college degree or a good resume aren't the only things one needs in life to be successful. Life isn't a successive ladder of achievements instead it is a zig-zag road with twists and turns at every corner and the one who can master these edges is the real winner.

Imagine for a second you do end up getting a 95% and you get into a good college, then what? After that, it is by your own reckoning that will determine your success or lack thereof in life. A 70% or a 90% will remain numbers on a page but you will be the only animate object who has the power to decide their own destiny. Don't let that destiny be a muck of tried and tested ideas or a cacophony of already done circus movements. Your destiny is yours alone and a mark sheet has absolutely no power over it.

When you walk on a crowded street, do you ever think to yourself "How many of these people have scored above 90?" Well, hopefully not because in a crowd every one becomes equal, the girl who topped or the boy who failed. A good percentage will always elicit great reactions from others but that's the extent of it, after a few years nobody will care about your board result or how much you had studied for it, it will remain buried in a drawer in your room.

Stop caring about that aunty who thinks your marks weren't up to the mark or the teacher who thinks you're weak or your parents who compare your result to that of your sibling. Leave them all behind and think about yourself. Think about your talents and your dreams and the power you have to weave your imagination into reality. You are not a guinea pig running around circles in a box but a person with the whole world at their disposal. Choose to be great, choose to be better and choose to rise above numbers on a piece of paper.

Now, continue and open the website with a smile on your face...

Let the website tell you your marks but what it can't tell you are your capabilities. Look outside your window and notice the hundreds and thousands of humans who are doing exactly the same thing as the other. If you want to be a painter, go for it or a race car driver or a fashion designer because marks don't determine everything in life. Years from now when you will be successful in your profession and your parents would be proudly gleaming at you, and then the mark sheet will only be a laminated piece of paper stuck in a tiny corner in your past.

Trust Me You Will Do Great In Your Life!!

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