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8 Life Lessons From Dil Chahta Hai And I Am Sure Your Dil Actually Chahta Hai

Date: 2018-06-27 00:55:26

By Vasundhara

Dil Chahta hai was a breakthrough film, a piece of art which left an impression on an entire generation of humans. It was the film which inspired hundreds of people across the country to take a road trip to Goa but for many this trip never actually finalized. This film is essentially seen as a story of three best friends but it is a lot more than that.

I never had the opportunity of watching the film in the theatre as I was only a year old when the film released but today, after seventeen years of the film's release, here are some of the life lessons I learned from the film.

Friends are the reason behind a good and happy life.

Sameer, Akash, and Sid were the ultimate three musketeers who did everything together. They were inseparable and always, looked out for one another. They also didn't hesitate being straightforward with one another. Like, when Akash and Sid confronted Sameer about becoming a hippie when he decided to stay back in Goa with the foreigner.

Love isn't determined by age.

Sid falls in love with a much older woman Tara who is a divorcee with a child but that doesn't change the way he looks at her and continues to adore her despite knowing her past. Even though his friends and mother have a hard time accepting his love for her but that doesn't stop him from loving her. After all, Dil Chahta hai.

First impressions are not the last impressions.

Akash embarrassed himself in front of Shalini but later in the film they get together and spoiler alert, have a happily ever after (at least we hope). This just goes to prove that first impressions are not the last impressions and one always has room for change. Even if you don't have the charisma or sense of humor of Akash, you can still try.

Give arranged marriage a chance.

Love is love, it doesn't matter if you meet someone through Tinder or through an awkward 15 minute parental approved arranged meeting. After all, Sameer doesn't like the idea of an arranged marriage at first but after he meets Pooja, he decides to give this concept a chance. Eventually, he finds his lifelong partner through a process that many of us dread. You never know "Woh ladki/ladka hain kahan", you can thank me later.

Opera isn't as boring as it may seem.

Akash completely ridicules the idea of Opera and romantic movies but after, Shalini takes him to the Opera and he starts to understand the deep emotions and empathize with them. His cynical heart starts to melt as the Opera progresses and by the end, he has tears in his eyes. That is also the moment he realizes, that he is in love with Shalini.

Don't be with someone who treats you like their pet dog.

Both Sameer and Shalini were with people who didn't appreciate them and thankfully, their relationships didn't work out. Sameer's girlfriend scolded him and told him what to do and what not to do. Their relationship was broken up because of Akash and Sameer's inability to tell time. While Shalini's boyfriend exercised his control over her and took away her freedom to meet Akash. Their relationship was also broken up because of Akash. All hail, Akash!

Distance doesn't diminish the bond between friends.

After Akash leaves for Australia, the three friends don't meet very often but once they meet again they are able to understand each other the same way they did before. That is the mark of real friendship. Sameer and Akash are there for their friend Sid when Tara is admitted in the hospital for liver cirrhosis.

It's never too late to tell someone how you feel about them.

Akash confesses his feelings to Shalini on the eve of her wedding in front of her fiancé and family. He doesn't waste any time and tells her that he loves her. Even though the scene is a tad bit melodramatic, it reinforces our belief in love.

Dil Chahta Hai reminds us that no person is wrong, no time bad and no opportunity wasted when you learn to believe in the goodness of life. We will forever be in debt of Farhan Akhtar for giving our generation a film better than any other.

Hopefully, we all get to experience what Akash, Sameer, and Sid did at least once in our lives. Let's all find our calling because the broken fort wall in Goa is waiting for us.

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