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This Man Applied Henna To Look Taller, He Was Short By 1 CM For The Post In Police

Date: 2018-06-29 16:29:20

By TabloidXO Writers

Becoming a police officer is a proud moment, and not just for that person but also for the family members. To get this respectful recognition one has to work hard and earn it. It's an intense path which includes studying and as well as being fit.

There are different criteria's which are checked after the examination for the physical fitness test, like, there has to be a minimum height, even the chest should be more than the quoted figure. And if any of these fall short, you are disqualified.

So one such incident happened in Meerut, UP, where a candidate tried a clever technique to ditch the system by putting Henna on his hair, so that he can look taller.

Ankit Kumar, is a resident of Bulandshahr, UP. Ankit whose height is 167 cm, which is 1 cm short of 168 cm (actual requirement for the post in police as sub-inspector).

He knew, his height is short by 1cm and at the same time he did not want to let go off this opportunity because he has cleared the written test. He do not want to let this 1cm height constraint shatter his dream, and he tried things like, taking medicines for gaining height, which he failed, then he thought of putting Henna on his hair and dressed his hair in such a way which makes it an illusion that he is tall.

However, his manoeuvre did not work well in front of the police officer who was conducting the examination;

Sanjeev Bajpai, the Meerut superintendent of police and also the head of the physical test told TOI:

According to norms, a person needs to be 168 cm tall to clear the physical test for recruitment as sub-inspector. When we were testing Kumar's height with our machine - in which a metallic plate touches the head of an individual whose height is being measured - a gap was noticed between his hair and the plate, which otherwise does not happen. That is when we became doubtful and checked his hair to see what the matter was.

When Ankit Kumar hair was examined, police officers found Henna on his hair. During cross-examination, Ankit Kumar confessed that he has used henna on purpose to look taller.

He said:

"I knew I was short by 1 cm from the minimum height required to qualify. I tried everything possible, but my height did not increase. Since I had cleared the written test, I did not want this opportunity to be wasted and rather thought of a trick to appear tall.

After he was caught, he was disqualified and was arrested after an FIR was filed against him under section 420 (cheating of IPC) at civil lines police station.

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