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Remember That Dog Who Was Thrown From The 5th Floor? This Man Traveled Long Way Just To Hug Her.. Aww That's So Nice

Date: 2018-06-22 13:29:48

By TabloidXO Writers

Let's go 2 years back, the whole of India was shaken by the horrific incident of a dog being thrown from the high storey building by two medical students. Through this incident, the whole of India over the internet supported the cute tail wagging dog and raised their concern. In all the support there was this man, Sadasivan, who then decided to see the dog BHADRA but the problem was, he was having no clue about the dog location.

Sadasivan said to Quint:

I felt bad for Bhadra. It was, after all, a poor voiceless animal and I couldn't imagine the trauma it went through. It really affected me.

And let me tell you he is a retired police officer and to search the dog Bhadra was not at all impossible for him.

So he put all his investigation mind back to use and started his operation to find Bhadra. He started cutting newspaper clips which were related to the incident of the dog Bhadra and he even traveled to Chennai a year back and went to Kundrathur police station as the incident took place in that area, But the police have nothing much to tell him. So, Sadasivan thought of the other plan and Sadasivan knew that to find Bhadra he has to find the Antony Rubin and other animal activists who had rescued the dog in her difficult time and helped her find a new home.

After her treatment, the dog was later adopted by Karthik Dhandapani, a long-time Blue Cross volunteer, and his mother, they named her 'Bhadra.'

Morning shake & walk 🐕🐾

A post shared by Karthik Dhandapani (@karthikdhandapani) on

Sadasivan traveled multiple times to the police station and post office and finally, he bumped on Rubin's address(activists who helped Bhadra and helped her find a new home). Sadasivan went to meet him and Rubin was confused whether he should trust Sadasivan or not, but he figured out the man request was genuine.

Here's what Antony Rubin, Animal Activist said

At 8:30 pm on 18 June, Sadasivan struck one thing off his bucket-list as he hugged the very happy and healthy Bhadra, who couldn't stop wagging her tail.

It was sweet to know that Bhadra was not forgotten in a few months and how much her story has affected people far and wide. It was heart-warming to see how much people care for animals.

Rubin's helped Sadasivan and arranged a meeting with Karthik, and finally Sadasivan met Bhadra.

The dog owner was very happy by his kind gesture and here's what Karthik said:

I was very touched to meet this old man who had come all the way to meet her. I always am so happy when anyone comes to meet Bhadra. I love to share that happiness with as many people.
Image and Information Source: Quint

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