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9-Ka-Table Is All In Our Hands. Did You Even Had Any Clue? See This Amazing Mathematician Technique

Date: 2018-03-05 23:22:26

By Abhishek

The only reason why I am good in counting is because I had received alot of 'Thapads' from my mathematics teacher. :-P

Some love math's and many hate it to the core. If you go down your memory lane, we as a kid always faced the difficulty in learning the tables.

"Chalo beta 9 ka table sunao!!"

Like a normal kid I too loved to chant 1 ka table, it was so easy..Ok fine even 2 ka table was also cool.


This 9 ka table was the biggest Dushman for all of us because it used to be toughest. Go and see the below video, be the Rakshak for those kids whom you know and help them learn this amazing technique in just a few seconds. Help them make their life easy.

Common, You don't need to say Thank You, Ok Welcome.

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