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After Taking Care Of Our Country, Retired Military Dogs Are For Adoption. Wanna Make Some Pawwesome Friend?

Date: 2018-05-05 23:48:05

By Abhishek

Dogs are our best friends.
Do you know our best friends serve our nation day and night?


Our K9 four-legged friends go through an extensive training. They can understand your actions and your words. They are so intelligent that they can sense the danger and act intelligently in those intense scenarios.
Have you ever wondered about our cute tail-wagging warriors, working for several years for the country and to the time when they get retired from their job; what are they are up to?
K9 or military dogs are shifted to an old home(for dogs) at RVC center, Meerut where they spend rest of their lives.

{Note: Until 2016, K9 dogs when found unfit for further service, they were euthanized(put to death humanely). But in 2016 government stopped the practice and started this program for adoption.}

Facebook user Anita Deshpande wrote a post on her profile and she said a very good thing in one word, she said #AdoptDontShop. She truely deserves an applause.

If you are planning to adopt one and ready to share your happiness with them and their happiness with you! then GO ON!! they are waiting for your love and affection.


The adoption process will be different from the regular dog adoption. They are different from the regular pet dogs, their diet, and physical activity need to be addressed and monitored by the families adopting them. These highly skilled and trained lligent paws will make your life joyful.

RVC Centre & College,
Meerut Cantonment,
Uttar Pradesh 250001

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