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These Are 14 Common Mistakes People Make While Gymming

Date: 2018-07-02 14:07:07

By Abhishek

Whether you are a starter or you have been working out in the gym for a long time, everybody does mistakes while doing the workout. And if you are not that person, then you probably have noticed people around you who are doing wrong exercise.

Just being regular at the gym will not fulfill your goal for the perfect body, you have to be dedicated towards your fitness.

Might be, you are doing just a little error; however, this little error can actually lead you to a huge damage and waste of your energy. So here are some mistakes which are usually done by people in the gym and here's how you can correct it:

1. No warm-up and stretching and just hopping up to the weight training

The big reason for a successful workout is warm up. Make this your routine and as soon as you enter your gym, make sure you are warming your body for a good 5-10 minutes. Warm up helps increase the blood flow to the working muscle which results in decreased muscle stiffness, reduced risk of injury.


2. Focus on position and postures

Try to focus on the body position and postures because these correct positions will help you target the exact body part which you are working out that day. And also it will help lift reps conveniently.


3. Starters relying on burners for quick weight loss.

Often, people who have just started their gym workout to lose some Kg's from their body, rely on fast results and start consuming burners/fat loss tablets, which is actually wrong. Being dependent solely on such things can be harmful.


4. Not dividing the days for body parts

Always plan your workout. Plan your schedule for each body part in a week. Chest, Back, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulder, Legs, and even the forearms, all these parts should be given equal importance in your schedule.


5. Focusing on finishing the workout as fast as possible

Don't focus on the quantity, but quality. Your workout should be such, which makes you feel the hard work which you are putting in. Fast reps with improper movement won't be giving you the result you want.


6. Thinking to buy gym supplements to get quick results

First of all, be regular in your gym routine and try to eat the natural sources first rather than jumping straight to those 'dabbas' or supplements. Eat eggs, chicken, broccoli, baked beans, veggies and even you can have skimmed milk for protein intake. And the most important thing is, supplements only help you when taken with a proper diet and regular workout.


7. Lifting too heavy

Challenging yourself is good practice but pushing yourself to the extreme can be dangerous too. Grow slowly and gradually, you will increase your strength and then try to lift heavy.
Do not check the other guy who is weighing heavy than you. Focus on your exercise and improve.


8. Lifting too light

On the other hand, you shouldn't feel easy too. Try to find an average weight according to your capability, which is kind of not light and not too heavy and start your sets then.
If you are planning to gain your body muscle then you lift above average and if you trying to make yourself lean, then your average weight will make you win.


9. Doing the same kind of reps and sets.

Don't make your body addicted to the same set of exercises. Try to do variations so that your body is adaptable to everything. And also this will help you to not get bored.


10. Not scheduling your rest time while building muscle

This is the common mistake people do. Do not take long gaps between your sets. Tiring your muscles through weight training is a key to get bigger arms. By limiting rest periods to about 30 seconds between the sets, is the thing to get those bigger guns.


11. Using mobile phone

Its fine, it's absolutely fine to take mobile phones at the gym but using it every minute or so, is bad. Your mobile will make your mind diverted and subsequently, you will not attain your dream body.


12. Always balance the bars, the dumbbell, while lifting heavy.

You should hold your rod and dumbbell in such a way which does not lead you to misbalancing during your workout


13. 3 sets mean 3 sets

If your trainer said 3 sets so that means 3 sets and if he/she said 15 reps each then it has to be 15. Never ever give excuses or be lazy to finish your reps and sets.

Keep this in mind "Hard work Pays".


14. Exercising perfectly but not focusing on a healthy diet

Now here is the key for good body and at the same time, this is one of the major reason why your body is not giving the desired result. Always keep in mind, food and exercise go hand in hand. Working out hard in the gym and eating unhealthy food or less intake of proteins and other essential nutrients are waste.

So kindly eat veggies and a good amount of protein and nutrients.


In an all, Skip these dumb-ass mistakes - body jhak maarke peeche aayegi.

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