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Delhiwalo!! Now You Can Give Your Mother's Name On Your Driving License.

Date: 2018-03-27 16:54:00

By TabloidXO Writers

Going to apply for a Driving License?

We got you some iconic news. From April 2018, if you are applying for a permanent driving license in Delhi, instead of giving your father's name you would be able to give your mother's name if you wish.
Currently, you have to give your father's name or husband name but now it's all equal. It's all your wish what name you want to give.

From TOI report, The official said.

This is a big step in bringing gender equality at the transport department and we plan to bring in this change by April," said a senior transport department official.

"This would be a big help specifically for those who for some reason do not want to provide their father's name or have a single parent".

"We are modifying our software to bring in these changes. We believe the software tweaks should be ready this week".

Claps To Delhi License Authority.

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