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This Guy From Gurugram Has Put Himself On Rent This Valentine's Day!! Yes It's Happening

Date: 2018-02-13 11:48:04

By Abhishek

Heard Of Renting A Car - Check
Heard Of Renting A Bike - Check
Heard Of Renting A House - Check
Heard Of Renting A Boyfriend - NOT CHECK

But after researching on social media, This amazing guy who lives in Gurugram/Gurgaon is renting him this "Valentine's Day".

Yes, This boy is available ON-RENT only for you girls.

Before going with him, single girls might want to know a lil about him. So, He is 26 year old who lives in Gugaon Haryana. He is an entrepreneur. His sun sign is Sagittarius.

After this offer, Instead of saying:
Pehle Mein bhoot Udaas Hua Karti Thi!!

Now you Girls(Single) can say:
Pehle Mera Koi Plan Nai Tha Valentines Day Ka, Shakul Gupta Ke Aate Hi Mera Valentines Day Ko Chaar Chaand Lag Gaye.

Shakul Gupta shared a post on Facebook which says:

00:00 - 23:59 14th Feb 2018"

This offer comes with 4 different-different packages. However package 1 being the basic one and package 4 is the most fanciest of all type.
He also offered a 20% discount coupon and a free free free ride in his Audi. As there is no levy mentioned is his facebook post. He has told everything about his do's and dont's.

Believe it from your own eyes.

His post on social media is going viral and people have started applying for this temporary post.

And let us remind you, its not the first time he is offering himself ON RENT. Last year on valentines day he had selected 5 girls and he took all 5 for a dinner in Oberoi and he gifted each girl an Iphone. Sounds Lavish!!

Anyone Interested For His Offer??

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