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Valentine Week Isn't Over. You Got One More Week To Celebrate The Love But In An Unusual Way

Date: 2018-02-16 18:11:28

By TabloidXO

You thought it's over? NO!

Valentine week, the week of lovers. It's the day to cherish the blossom years of togetherness. The day which is celebrated in every corner of the globe. For most of us, 14th February is the last day to celebrate the love week. Right?

NO, Surprise!! Surprise!!

There is a lot more celebration after 14th February. Yeah, you got it right, you got one seven more reasons to goahead with this weak, it's almost the whole Feb month people.

I think the other 7 days are to nullify all the unconditional love we all gave to our partners. :-P

After reading below I am sure shot that you will say:
"Aise Din Kaun Banata Hai Bhai?"

Now, without much ado, Let me introduce you to the days after Valentine's Day i.e. Kick day, Slap day, Perfume Day, Confession Day, Flirting Day, Missing Day and Breakup day.

The Days in 2018 Will Be Followed as:

February 15 - Happy Slap Day
February 16 - Happy Kick Day
February 17 - Happy Perfume Day
February 18 - Happy Flirting Day
February 19 - Happy Confession Day
February 20 - Happy Missing Day
February 21 - Happy Breakup Day

I am All Out From This Love Confusing Week.
Planning to celebrate these days? Do you Know any daring friend who will celebrate this week?

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