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"Haan Mein Characterless Hoon" Poem By Pooja Sachdeva Will Make Every Women Proud

Date: 2018-03-08 11:14:34

By Erica

On a chilly evening, my friend sat opposite to me while I thought what my next article should be about. My fingers were hovering above my keyboard. She pulled out her phone and shoved it in my face. She made me watch a Pooja Sachdeva videos and I rolled my eyes.

"All this feminism," I joked lightly.
"Watch it!," she said and I did.

I did and I'm glad I witnessed this. You will know what I`m talking about when you watch the Pooja Sachdeva video in the end.


As girls, we are often told what to wear, do , say, study, think and believe. Till today, after all the candle light marches and rallies, men still think they have the upper hand in everything. Women have been restricted to the threshold of the kitchen as long as we can remember. If you take a minute to listen to stories of the men and women around, you will know that the chain hasn't been broken. History is repeating itself.

But the best people to ask questions are kids. They are innocent and fragile. They don't forget what they see and hear easily. At times, their memories might be blurry but it's never coated with lies. Unless put in their mouth by a serpent.

Last year my mom advised me not to go out on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. "Bangalore isn't safe," she said. I thought why wouldn't it be safe? After what happened in 2017, it will be safe. If you didn't read the headlines that year, let me refresh your memory. Women did not have a good experience welcoming the new year. Drunken men ruined it all. Women were touched inappropriately and mass molestations were reported . Of course it invited outrage. I thought Police got their wake up call. This year will begin differently.

But it didn't.


I ran through the news on January 1st and was shocked to see that men were arrested. Women were molested. People gave statements. Steering back on topic, I want to make my point : Stop telling women not to go out because things like this happen. Tell her what to do when such things happen. Hand her a pepper spray. A knife even! What? If you don't hesitate to let her play with knives in the kitchen it shouldn't come as a shock when it is suggested for safety against cruel monsters.

People react like me sometimes. Making silly jokes about feminism. Doesn't always mean we are against it. We don't support it. That's a whole different topic to discuss, dear readers. The only thing I`m focusing on now, is voice.

A voice that isn't shut out.
A voice that doesn't need permission to be loud.
A voice that is heard.
A voice that doesn't cower.
A voice that brings change.
A voice that address what people title 'strange'.
A voice that refuses to sit behind a screen
A voice that tells true stories of those who screamed.
A voice that is not only a voice
But a hand, a figure, that helps a woman who never had a voice before.


You don't have to be in support of feminism because that is not what I am discussing here. All you have to do is, hope and pray that every woman gets a voice. Hopefully her own. If not, then someone who can help her recognize the strength and power in her voice.

OH My God That Gave Me Goosebumps!! One Of The Best Video. Thanks Pooja Sachdeva and The Habitat Studios For Opening People Eyes.

You can watch more of Pooja Sachdeva poetry, here.

TabloidXO Salute Every Women On This Planet For Being An Inspiration.

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