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Girls, Do You Want To Know Whether 'He Is Fond Of You Or Not?', Then You Are At A Correct Place

Date: 2018-05-16 16:48:14

By Erica

Girls are complicated. Wait. Boys are too. Girls talk a lot at once, boys understand very little at once. Yes, girls ask a lot of questions. Why? Because we want to know! You know how easy it would be if boys just understood certain things and did them? Said them? There would be no questions.

But because they don't do that stuff often, I got a list of questions girls ask a guy when they are curious to find out if he is fond of her or not. Now, you may think there are signs. Who needs questions, right? Go back!! re-read what is above this. That's your answer.

1. "You don't get bored, do you?"

Reason: If he says "not at all", followed by many other reasons, maybe he gets bored. If he simply says: Pagal hai kya? Don't be typical. Chup chaap chal. Stop at that. Boys are direct.

2. If you had to shoot 5 people, would I be on the list?

Reason: This is complicated. It can be taken in two ways depending on your relationship with the guy. If he says yes, you might take it as a positive sign that you two can joke so easily. But he says no, you might feel relieved on the other hand, that he wants you by his side. In his circle.

3. Do you date a lot?

Reason: if he is busy giving away attention to every female who throws a glance his way, he might not find you special enough to spend time with you. Hard to stomach, but the truth is bitter. So the best thing is to ask him.

4. "So, tell me about your day"

Reason: This conversation will flow between you two like water. If there is an awkward silence, maybe he is just not that into you.

5. "So, about that party?"

Reason: You both got invited to a party or maybe just him or just you. If he asks you to go with him, that's your question answered right there. Boys have a huge chance of meeting girls/women at a party. If they pass that for you, do you still want to ask him if he is fond of you or not?

6. "Did you really think of me when you saw it?"

Reason: If he tells you he passed by a lovely shop or a location like a beach or a store, it means he thought of you when he saw it. that means he already has an idea of what you like and what you don't.

7. "Do you remember my birthday?"

Reason: If he remembers dates that are important to you, he is fond of you.

8. Did you watch this scene?

What you watch, he watches only so that you guys can discuss the scenes together.

9. So, you like Chinese now?

If he changes his food habits to adapt to yours, your question is answered right there.

10. You look so much better in black, don't you think?

You said it, he's done it. If he wants to catch your eye he will make subtle changes. He won't get a whole new wardrobe just for you, but the changes will surface.

11. You told your mom you hang with me?!

Very casually he'll mention you while he is on the phone with his parents. If this doesn't comfort you, you need to wake up!

12. Did you do something?

Suddenly, a guy in your class stops talking to you and ignores. Why? Maybe he hurt you last week with a mean comment or text but today, he looks afraid of you. So you go up to your guy (friend) and ask him if he did something or said something. Well, a man who fights for you is a man who truly cares.

13. You're not busy?

He won't be at your beck and call particularly. But, he will not deny you. Every time you ask him, "pakka tu busy nahi hai?", he'll say, "Chod na, kaam kya hai. Bata."

14. Are you sure you don't want one of the guys?

He's in a crisis and called you. You are unable to help me, suppose. You suggest calling his friends up but he tells you not to. Maybe he just feels better with you around. So, just be there.

15. OH MY GOD! You finally did it!

This is the last but most important one. If he shaves or gets a haircut because you told him to, girl you really matter to him. That's how fond of you he is!

Now, these questions might seem self-absorbed to some. They aren't. It's a direct way of finding out if he likes you. The most direct one would be to just ask!

Anyway, I believe in words and signs.

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