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INDvBAN, From Indian Naagin Dance To Sri Lankan Naagin Dance, See People Hilarious Reactions

Date: 2018-03-19 14:55:59

By Abhishek

18 March 2018 Ko World Cup Tha?? Yes, It was b'coz the thriller made us feel like that.

INDIAvsBANGLADESH, You have to agree, yesterday's match was none less than a world cup match. Srilankan fans and Indian fans united together to cheer up the Indian team and they really had a great laugh at the end of the match. We have not only witnessed a great batting from Dinesh Karthik but also saw Naagin dance from both Indian and Sri lankan fans.

Twitter is all chock-a-block with hashtag #INDvBAN and people reactions are as F as hell. We cannot make you miss those reactions. So tighten up your seat bealts and GO!!

1. Indian's celebrating.



4.Ailla!! Yeh to Jaadu Nikle

5. Bhai!! Is he angry or happy? Koi mujhe batao

6. Dinesh Karthik turns bangladesh dance on his melody.

7. Proud Moment.

8. There is some Magic in our respected flag.

9. Dinesh Karthik after the winning shot.

10.wahi hota hai jo manzoore khuda hota hai


12. Uth Ja Bhai


Karthik you beauty, India will remember this electrifying night for a long time.

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