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20 Reasons Why Couples Have A Small Fights

Date: 2018-06-14 17:37:29

By Erica

Being in a relationship is no easy task. It's two different people falling for each other. There's going to be a clash somewhere or another. Now, let me explain why I said little rocks couples throw - it refers to the petty fights they have. If not resolved it will result in something huge, but let us not go there. Disagreement, argument and fights are common. Some believe it brings them closer, some believe it tears them apart. Some think it is healthy, some think it is toxic.

1. Time

Every fight ends up with one of them saying, "you don't give me time anymore!"


2. I just want attention!

It's easy to lose focus on the person right next to you once you know that he/she will never leave you alone. But, is it right?


3. Who's turn ?

We are a fast generation. One woman in the kitchen is not our principle. Couples agree that they'll share the work. One does the cooking, the other does the cleaning. But sometimes this goes downhill and fights erupt.


4. When strangers enter

Suddenly he has a new friend or work buddy who he goes to lunch with every day but won't bring home. She has someone to go shopping with, have brunch with and party with. So, where do you stand now? Couples hate feeling less important as time passes.


5. ghost of the past

Arguments and fights are most common, I believe when an ex- girlfriend/ boyfriend makes a swift entry out of the blue. No announcement and no notice. They just jump out of thin air!


6. The company they keep

Both of you got a group of friends. A mixed group. But you hate a particular person and don't like your boyfriend/girlfriend going out when that person is there too.


7. Blaming it on jealousy

The argument might be about the Maggie not turning out good enough but will reach the starting point of a fight because you said, "you're just jealous that mine is better."


8. Returning gifts

He bought a dress for you, and you exchanged it for something you like better. He might feel bad about it and make small jokes, but you remind him of something he did and then start the fight.


9. Forgetting dates

Worse than forgetting something on the grocery list is forgetting dates. You can get in big trouble and it becomes such a huge deal when you are a couple.


10. Mother of arguments

More like a mother is the reason for the argument. It is a myth or reality, I can't say for sure, but it is said that every mother dislikes her son's girlfriend. Now you can imagine how the fight started.


11. Event hosting

He doesn't like you hosting kitty-parties at home. She doesn't like him hosting game nights at home. Couples indulge in fights mainly when one says, "Toh mai kya karu? Tum batao!"


12. "But I like it here"

You like the framed photo on the fridge. He likes it on the wall. Ding! Ding! Ding1 - argument alert.


13. "I don't eat Lays, I eat Cheetos"

Forgetting what brand he/she uses, eats and devours could lead to a fight.


14. Caught in the act!

He bought the girlfriend a piece of cake when he went out for a snack with the guys, but didn't see you around, so dug it. But you caught him! Couples fight about such things.


15. How dare you!

Whoever is reading this, if you are a pizza lover, you will get what I'm talking about. I would kill my boyfriend if he ate pizza (one slice or a half) without me. I don't see why this shouldn't qualify as a reason to start a fight, because it is a great reason!


16."Go to Hollywood then!"

One time, I heard about a fight from my friend where in the couple was fighting because she called the lead character of a TV series smoking hot and when he did the same thing about an actress she was offended that he looked and thought about other women like that.


17. Bed Wars

Fighting over sides of the side sounds stupid but at that moment you can't really control yourself. After all, nothing comes above sleep. Except forget food. And Netflix. And chill?


18. Turning off the mood

I read this story online, where the girlfriend wanted to have a little naughty fun with the boyfriend while they were on the road, but he turned her down. I see, he didn't want to be distracted. But anybody will sit in a huff if you ruin the mood he/she is trying to build.


19. Conflict of interest

She wants to watch a t.v. show but you want to watch a match.
She wants to go shopping, but you just want to sit at home and relax.
She wants to read to you, but you feel like listening to music.
She wants to cook dinner, but you want to eat out.
These will be merely disagreements but if attached to something in the past like :
She - "Last time, I did what you wanted. This time it's my turn."
He - "Are you keeping track?"
She - "Um. . .no. . .and last time you spoke to your Ex, I didn't get angry"
He - "But you are friends with your Ex! I didn't get angry"
Then it will escalate.


20. "You're a girl. You can't beat me"

This s like inviting trouble. Guys, don't ever do this. Don't forget she can break your 'head'. Never test a woman. She can sit on your and break the one thing you treat with uttermost care.


So, whenever you see a couple fighting, just hope that they get past that hurdle and never think about it again. People in love face emotions in a rush, often the only solution they think they have is to end it. It's possible that is the worst solution ever. You don't let a problem break the bond of love you share, you break down the problem together and sort it out.

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