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Selfie Shoes Are The New Selfie Stick, Now These Shoes Will Take Care Of All Your Selfie Poses

Date: 2018-04-06 15:50:56

By Abhishek

You know it, how important it is to upload an Insta story...right? The love for taking pictures notably 'Selfie Meine Leli Aj' in the world is at its pinnacle. Earlier it was tough "Khud Ki Lena"... Selfies.
A few years ago, we saw the birth of selfie sticks that took care of our photos. But everything has some flaws, so does selfie stick. Everytime, it is tough to hold the stick where ever we go. Like literally at times it is annoying.

Now, shoe selfie took the entry...

Read it like TVC ad.

Pehle mein bhoot dukhi tha ki photo kaise kheechu

Phir mere zindagi mein selfie stick aayi, usne mere zindagi asaan kardi,

Lekin kuch time baad mere life mein shoe selfie aagayi, ab mein bhoot khush hu aur ab roz Leta hu... Selfie!!

You do not need to take anything extra, the shoes are already with you, whether clubbing, office, or college, well you don't have to hold anything. Take as many pictures you want, stun everyone with your new style of clicking.

Thinking?? No, don't worry even non-flexible person can also do the magic. Enjoy click click!!

Belated April Fools Day.

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