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Shashi Tharoor Gave The Best Reply To Those Who Make Fun Of His "Kachhi Hindi"

Date: 2018-03-22 12:32:21

By Abhishek

Shashi Tharoor the man with so much grace. His words make us amuse and delighted, this is the magic his words hold.
The world knows his English is as terrific as Ed Shereen song "Shape of you" and coming to his Hindi he is amazing in that too. Recently Akash Banerjee took Shashi Tharoor test on Hindi words and there is no surprise if I say "he was passed with a distinction".

Definitely, his banters are going to make you laugh and you will make him your English teacher or Hindi teacher or maybe both.
On world poetry day, Shashi The-Roar took to Twitter and shared a brief video where he gave a message to those who think his Hindi is not good enough.

On world poetry day, he said:

Meree Kachchee Hindi Sunakar Jo Lutf Uthaate Hain
Unke Khaatir Chalo Tumhen Do Pankti Sunaate Hain:

"Koshish Karenge Roz, Ek Din Seekh Jaenge... Hasne Doh Unko Aaj, Wahi Taali Bajaenge"

Century Salute To Shashi The-Roar.

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