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Sikhs, The Pride Of India. The Khalsa Aid Organization Is Helping Syrian People In The War-torn State

Date: 2018-03-02 02:55:17

By Abhishek

This is why we say "Singh Will Always be The King".

It's been more than 10 days, 500 innocent lives have been lost. People of Syria are praying to get things settle down peacefully. Sundry people are homeless, they even do not have food to eat and water to drink.

In all this mishappening, there is an International NGO named as, Khalsa Aid. Khalsa Aid, a selfless organization has which has come to the rescue of the people of Syria by providing them food, water, shelter and medical facility. They are doing every bit to help people of Syria.

The organization helped these two twins who were suffering from Skin Disorder.

You can see how the members of the organization trying their best to make children of Syria happy.

Khalsa Aid has been engaged in this helpful work since 2014. Ravindra Singh, founder of this Organization. He was once stuck in Kosovo in 1999 and from there he thought of helping people in those areas which are affected by any disaster or any civil conflicted areas around the world.

This Organization works on one Sikh principle "Recognize the whole human race as one".

This organization works on one more project i.e. Langar Aid, it focuses on fighting hunger worldwide. They Provide food & water in countries affected by some crisis.

Singh Saab The Great!!

What is happening in Syria??

Since 2011, Syria is going through this pain. The Syrian civil war, also known Syrian crisis, is an ongoing armed conflict in Syria. There is a conflict between forces of the Bashar al-Assad government and the people who want to remove this government. Protesters in Syria demanded the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad.

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