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Wonder How Your Social Media Friend Life Is So Awesome? Maybe You Are Missing Those Behind The Scene Shots. Check The Video

Date: 2018-06-21 16:24:44

By TabloidXO Writers

With Bae at the most romantic place in Delhi. #relationshipgoals #Bae #couplegoals #love.

Eating thin crust cheese burst pizza with extra cheese on the top...life is so much fun!! #foodgasm #foodholic #foodporn #pizzalove.

Just woke up and sun-kissed my face while I was on the bed!! Beautiful morning!! #Goodmorning #sunkissed.

This was my Facebook account filled with all these *POST* all this while. And during this meantime, I was already tensed about my life and now these post has made me feel more forlorn.

I want to ask you...why?? how could you do this to the world??

Why you pretend to be so cool on Facebook and in reality it is just so polar and almost 80% of you are not the same which you try to be on social platforms.
It hurts bro!! Your social media tamfoolery force us to believe that we are so boring and are not living our life to the fullest, but, actually we are.

So to expose the most common lies that people tell on social media, here is the video that make you feel much much better.

Finally, after all the wrong lies you can take a deep breath and enjoy social feeds on your timeline.

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