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Sridevi English Vinglish Movie Was A Story Of Every Mother India.

Date: 2018-02-26 15:38:03

By Abhishek

English Vinglish, the movie was released in 2012 and till date, it is one of the most powerful movie about the life of every Indian middle-class mother. It was not just a story, it was a life of our loving mother, how they have sacrificed her life for the happiness of all the family members.

"For mothers, it is the family who comes first and then her and her health."

After marriages, our mothers, who left their own house and came to the place where everything is new to them and they start molding herself to adjust into her new family and surely they do fit into the family elegantly.

The movie talks about the way the Indian mothers have experienced, whether it is an English language barrier, or we don't ask for her choices in anything or neglecting her in the important decisions. Movie English Vinglish, was portrayed so beautifully, that every one of us got to see that dusty glass which was unremembered by the Indian society towards mothers.


The movie also portrays, the embarrassment we felt as a kid when there are some social gatherings and everyone is communicating in English and we used to pray that no one should even dare to come near to us(us here means mothers). Sridevi struggle with the English language and the struggle to learn English was terrific and emotional too.


When our mothers try to converse with us in English, Instead of motivating her and correcting her, we make fun of her. At that time we fail to remember that it was she, who used to teach us when we were teens and it was her hard work too when we got good grades.


We always remember and cherish those million memories when our mothers used to catch us when we were not eating our food, or that day when we were all set up for the school and she used to wait near the door for saying Goodbye or that day when you didn't eat your food in school and she was scolding you so cutely "Beta Khana To Khana Chahiye Tha Na, Aise Khana Nai Chodna Abse" Mothers have always cared for us wherever we are. Today we have come so farther from her that we really miss those days and now feel the importance of her in our lives.

Now considering the movie which is an eye-opening for all of us whether kids or adult family members, we should always love our mothers whatever the way they are. We should boost her confidence whenever she feels low, we should always respect our mothers, we should spend some time talking to her, asking her to go with you for a Date(even if you are a girl, why not!!), it can be the cutest thing you ever did and for her it will be the happiest moment. Make every moment of her life a valuable and happy one. Listen to her problems and be a solution for all her worries and confusions. Make her feel a proud mother of a son/daughter.

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