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Things You Should Not Do In 2023.

Date: 2022-01-03 15:19:06

By Erica

Often we make plans for the future. Why? So that we have enough money saved up. So that people are convinced we are 'mature'. So that we have no permission issues.

But the funny thing is that, this will never go away. There will never be enough money. There won't be enough people who think you are old enough to make your own decisions. There will always be a permission issue. Do you really want to grow old and not have enough stories for your grandkids? Or other's grandkids? Do you want to be a story teller or a listener?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with willing to be a listener. The problem is when you have a bag full of regrets weighing you down. You must not regret not going to a lakeside wearing heels and a night suit just because people will laugh, stare and comment. You might end up being the most viral meme of 2023. Do you care?

If you said yes, this post is for you. If you said no...have you done something as crazy as this? If no then that is a yes. It's 2023. A new year, a fresh opportunity. Grab it and shred your old self. Here is what you need to let go of :



Is my dress too short? Is my dress too long? Is he looking? Is she staring? Will my mom disapprobe? Will my dad approve? Is this love story meant to be? Will this turn into a love triangle?

Stop! Just stop. Breathe. If you think so much, you will not live. If you worry too much you might die. I'm kidding. My statement won't be proven to be right unless one of you dies worrying. I might actually be the perfect example. Wait another few years. Worrying will get nothing done.

2. Holding in the laughter


I've got this really weird witchy laugh and I don't care. People imitate me and tell me not to fake it. Trust me, nobody can fake a witchy laugh. So if you are born with it, be proud about it.

3. I've got sweaty palms, arms...everything!


Firstly, it is terrible to be this sweaty. But it is not abnormal. Right? I relate to this one so I'm going to give you the advice I never use for myself.

Use deodorant - I follow this. 
Carry a tiny one around - I follow this 
Drink a lot of water - I think I follow this

Don't get anxious about it, you will sweat more - I don't the first and then the latter happens.

4. He's staring !


According to many women, staring is wrong and disrespectful of men. On the other hand, we like turning heads when we walk in the room. Of course, the pervert stare is annoying and boils a woman's blood. But, unless you can do something about it like pluck his eyeballs out, ignore it. Tune the world out and have a good time wherever you are.

5. Don't beg


Don't beg for attention, forgiveness, friendship, love and money. If you ain't getting it, work for it.

6. Hold that head up high


I can give you a lecture on confidence. It's something I lack. Like I say, the best people to take advice from are the ones who don't follow it.

You know why being confident is key to a lock nobody tells us about? Because it just is. Being confident makes you look smarter and more appealing.

7. Pull the other up


Gossip it's not wrong. Give all the gaalis (bad words) you want. But don't tear someone down. Especially someone who is doing something good.
Build an empire not a war zone.

8. Give the love you know they deserve


I've noticed that teens are out of touch with expressing love to parents and family. Ask them to hashtag a picture and their fingers go flying across that teeny keyboard. "#Familylove". The hashtag is for the family who isn't even on social media. What is the point? Tell them. Say it after every phone call - especially if you are away from home.

But don't do it if you are going to go home from the grocery store and see your parents there. They might just get a headache from the sudden shower of 'I LOVE YOUs'.

9. Rock them heels


Dear girls, never ever hang our head down when you wear heels. You might be scared of tripping, stumbling and people laughing. People will laugh if you walk straight or a shimmy and cross the road. But in that crowd there will be one person you inspire to wear heels and not care what others think. Be proud of the shoes you wear. May it be flip-flops, your bathroom chappals or 6 inch heels.

10. How about a jingle, not a mantra?


Mantras sometimes get too boring to remember. Go for a jingle! Know what is a jingle? "Washing powder Nirma, doodh si safedi..." you probably finished the rest in your head. Now this will stick in your head and on your lips for the rest of the day, won't it? This is the beauty of a jingle. Make one for yourself to empower you when you feel the world crashing around you.

11. No two finger space


Give James Wan the credit he deserves and binge watch every scary movie you can find right from the 90's to 2023 and do not throw your hands on your face. Watch them bravely. But please don't drop unconscious as result of shock and horror. I claim no responsibility.

12. Na, na, na re, na re, na!


Don't be afraid to say no. I understand that you think it will hurt someone's feelings or make you look like a bad guy. But it is better to come forth as the bad guy than do something or agree to do something you don't want to.

13. Give second chances


Forgiving somebody who you hurt might not mean a great deal to you, but it will make the baggage you carry - lighter.

14. Don't settle


I am not quoting One Plus. I am making a statement. Don't settle for anything lesser than what you deserve. No matter what anyone says remember you are worth it.

I know it is easy to talk and like I said I'm good at giving advice like you give away free samples of products. But, after writing this article, I feel inspired myself. I`m probably going to paste a poster for motivation or a copy of all the bullet points on my wall. May your New Year make you feel confident, stronger than ever and braver than before.

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