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14 Old Hat(Stereotypes) Talks That Every Keralite Is Bored Of Hearing.

Date: 2017-12-06 22:30:27

By TabloidXO Writers

As we all know, Kerala is a South Indian state. Indian societies keep a lot of stereotypes. This sometimes can hurt the feelings of others. Some are just meant to be laughed off. Some are so stupid that we find it hard to decide what to do.

So stereotypes are about a region and there are certainly some stereotypes about Kerala and the people of Kerala. Let's see what some of them are,

1. They call Keralites, Madrasi !!

First of all, Madras or Chennai is a part of Tamil Nadu and not kerala. All south Indians are not madrasis. It's even rude as many are deprived of their actual identity.


2. We are not always dark skinned.

Even if we are, don't want want to be judged on the basis of colour. It's not the colour of the skin that judges the character of a person.

3. Yes. We wear gold on various occasions.

But it's not always about gold. Only very little people use gold abundantly. People also use it for security and it's not always just to show off.


4. There is a stereotype that all Malayalee men wear mundu. This can't be generalized. Well, a lot of things can't be generalised.

5. Not all men here have moustache or beard. Oh, come on, it's a person's choice.


6. We don't always eat Idli and Dosa. Keralites have a lot of other food items. So, it's not always about Idli and Dosa.

7. Talking about food, we don't always eat on the banana leaf. Of course, Sadya is served on banana leaf, Sadya is made only on functions.

8. Women here are not addicted to sarees. All kinds of clothes are worn by women here and its not just about saree.

We are fashionable too. :-p


9. We don't solely rely on coconut. Yes, coconut is widely used. But it's not always about it.


10. All our films are not art cinemas. They are not too commercial. A lot of experiment is done in Malayalam cinema. That makes it rich.


11. Many like beef here, but not all eat that. Here there is as many numbers of vegetarians as non-vegetarians. Again, don't generalise, please.

12. All Malayalee names are not long. I can't really understand this one as I find it totally wrong. People here have normal names. Parampeel ParambaturChinnaSwami MutuSwami VenuGopala Iyer

13. It is not necessary to consider all Malayalees as a group that sticks together. We are not identical.

14. Kerala has a fair number of NRI and most of us have a Malayalee friend. But not all Malayalees are obsessed about 'Gulf'.

I think it's wrong to judge not just a Malayalee, but all human beings. This is because we all are essentially different. Variety is the spice of life so we all make each other's life better. So, let's acknowledge each other and proceed in life.
"YALA YOLO" We Have Our Own Swag:-p

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