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Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber Become The Parents Of Two Cute Kids Via Surrogacy. Happy Family!

Date: 2018-03-05 15:25:34

By TabloidXO Writers

Baby Doll Aka. Sunny Leone family just got bigger.

Earlier in 2017, Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber adopted 21-month-old baby girl which they named, Nisha Kaur Weber.

Today on 5th march 2018, Sunny Leone took to her Instagram account and posted a beautiful snap of her with her husband Daniel Weber, Nisha Kaur Weber and with their two cute little babies.

They named them Noah and Asher, Awww.. such a cute name these two cute babies got.

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber son's Noah and Asher are the biological children borne through surrogacy.

Daniel Weber also took to Twitter to share his happiness and to introduce his two boys Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber

Now Nisha Kaur got her two brothers, she must be very happy that she will play with her brothers very soon and enjoy that teenage life.

They look so cute-Aww babies. We wish the whole family heartiest congratulations and a life full of love, joy, and happiness.

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