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This Teacher Rides 50 Km To Teach One Student And We Salute Him For His Undying Spirit

Date: 2018-03-27 15:41:58

By TabloidXO Writers

Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honor for me.

~ A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Being a teacher is as great as getting an Oscars. Teachers will go beyond their limits to shape a life of their pupils.
This one story is an example of how great our teachers are:

Rajinikanth Mendhe(29), a teacher in Maharashtra, He has been appointed by the government to teach a class in village Chandar, to which he has to travel 50 km daily. And most stimulating part is, he travel this far just to teach one student. For two years, Yuvraj Sangale and 8-year-old student, has been the only student at the village school.

Chandar village is home to 60 residents and in total there are only 15 huts, and most of this place is covered by snakes.
He travels 50 km, this might sound easy, but it's not easy at all because to travel this far he has to cross 12 km long mud track hill, with 400 ft. drop on both sides and a lot of snakes in his way. It takes an hour to cross the mud hill and what makes it even worse, when it rains, that hill becomes so risky and messy.

After reaching his destination, the first thing he has to do is *Search*, searching Yuvraj Sangale. Mendhe often finds him hiding behind the trees becasue he is reluctant to go to class as he has no friends.

He said to TOI:

"I often spot him hiding in the trees. Sometimes I get him from his hut. I understand his reluctance. He has to go to school without friends. Why would anyone look forward to classes here?"

He describes the unpleasant situations that has happened with him,

One night, a snake dropped on me from the school's roof(until a few years ago there was no roof). A few months later, while riding my bike on the mud track, I fell on a snake. I don't think I will survive the third encounter.

In spite of so many difficulties, teacher Rajinikanth Mandhe's never dying spirit, has managed him to build an e-learning class for Yuvraj.

"Village officials provided us with a 12-volt solar panel about two years ago. I use it to power a TV that screens downloaded content. I later bought two tablets to boost Yuvraj's interest in the world beyond." He said.

This story has filled us with a deep sense of respect and as pupils, we are honored to have teachers around us who are there for our help at any time and anywhere. Rajinikanth Mendhe you are a true gentleman. Salute!!

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