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13 Things you will relate to if you are a True Gujarati

Date:2017-11-26 12:57:38

By TabloidXo Writers

Not only Sanedo, Thepla and Garba, there are many things to define a Gujarati. This famous community, all over the world for his delights full food and precious occasions such as Garba, etc. They are money minded but also soft hearted with helping nature.

Make a Gujju Friend and you will never miss the taste of true friendship, they maintain the perfect friendship. They are very sweet as their food. Let's check out the Signs of true Gujarati.

1) Bro V/s Kaka

If you are a true Gujarati, then you will have this sign. From a autowaala, taxiwala to a grocerywala all will be your kaka (bro), if your are Gujarati. 'Kaka' is the common word that Gujarati people use to communicate with any unkown person. Gujarati founded this word 'KAKA'.

So, if you are in Gujarat then be aware what you have to use to communicate and this is the perfect sign of true Gujarati.

2)Money minded

If you want to check a person whether he is Guajarati or not, you can use money as a medium, they are money minded. They want to spend less and want more in return.

Money minded is also a quality that every Guajarati have.

3)6 = Che

Gujarati says 6 as 'Che', when they write simple messages; they use 'che' instead of 6. In common language we say 'What are you doing', but in Guajarati they says 'su kare che'. This typical che defines a True Guajarati.

4)Chass is their Beer

A true Gujarati wants chass, whether its day or night, india or America, they need chass . Chass is the official alcohol that Gujaratis are addicted to. They won't eat without chass.

So, if we are talking about true Gujaratis then chass will be on the top.


Yes jalebi fafda is the thing with which you can identify a true Gujarati. They don't need pizza or cocktail to hangout, they need fafda jalebi and that's all.


The peppery circle with crispy masala, this is the official breakfast of Gujarati's. They don't want anything else; they just need a cup of tea with tasty theplas. It sounds scary but very much tasty.

7)Garba On EDM

Garba defines a Guajarati, but a true Guajarati is one who can do garba on any song. This is the official right of every Gujarati to dance like a pro with garba on the beat.

If you are a true Gujarati, then you know the pro level of garba.

8)Tarak Mehta Ka Olta Chasma

The record breaking show on Sony Sab, that loved by everyone in the world. But if you are true Guajarati then this should be your favorite one. This is the 'Janm sidh adhikar' of every Guajarati to watch this awesome Guajarati series.


We take constitution very seriously, we call everyone Bhai-ben. Yes, the basic characterstic of a true Gujarati, they call everyone Bhai-ben whether they know him or not.

10)Sanedo & Bhai-Bhai

Sanedo and Bhai-bhai is our national anthem. If these songs are playing and your are not on the dance floor, then you are not a true Guajarati.

11) Bye = Aavje

This is the best thing in Gujarati language. They say 'Aavje' instead of bye, which means 'Come again'. A true Gujarati always say 'aavje 'instead of saying bye.

12) Sweet in Everything

Gujarati's used sweet in everything. Whether its khandvi or khamman, they use sugar. They use sugar in anything they make. If you are using sugar in a spicy dish then you are a true Guajarati.

13) Hey = Kem cho

The Guajarati conversation always starting with 'Kem Cho' and it end on 'Chalo Aavjo'. If you are a true Guajarati then you will never use 'Hey' or 'how are you', whether you are in abroad or india.

These are the qualities you can find in a true Gujarati. Gujarati's are sweet with their voice and heart. You will never forget a Gujarati, if you meet him/her once in your life. So, this article is dedicated to all the Bhai-Ben. JAI JINENDRA.

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