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15 Things Which Really Makes Us Love To Hate Summers

Date: 2018-06-25 13:30:47

By Abhishek

To be honest, summers are really overrated season of the year. And who knows it better than us?? We really live in temperatures where we can make eggs from the car bonnet, it is not cool, not at all. Summers make us so irritated and irksome; it is not doing anything good but making our life more blue.

And here we got you some relatable things which will make you feel the sun.

1. Huge electricity bills

The electricity bill touches new records every month. It's so heartbreaking when we see the bill crossing the border of our house.

2. Your monthly stock of powders, deo's and perfumes which usually last at least a month in winters, lasted only 10 days in summers.

Ouch...that's another burn in your pocket.

3. In summers, the day is long and night is shorter.

That makes our nightlife short and that hurts. Thank you so very much summers.

4. Power cuts the biggest setback.

With great powers come great responsibilities. But in summers, this equation run inversely proportional because there is no fucking electricity at 1 AM in the night. How could you do this electricity, how could you?

5. Love for ice cream and a big hate to summers.

Because our ice cream melts in milliseconds yar...sometimes we feel summer hates us more than we do. Like with the blink of my eyelashes, my hardcore chocolate ice cream turned into bourvita shake, WTF!!

6. You might increase your belly fat because the hot summer will force you to drink something sweet and cool and also, summers make you lazy to go out to park and do exercise.

7. Sunburns and tans are your next door friends - you go out and Hola to the tans and burns.

Can't you see tans and burns, I am all in a good mood??Can't you wait for few hours until evening?

8. Those overcrowded metros and buses filled with sweat and foul smell.

Oh god!! I wish my nose was blocked before I could sniff that ugly smell.

9. Car ac work as a heater

It's 45 degrees outside and how can we expect our car AC to give us a plethora of cool wind?
Our car to us "Bhai ab to meine bhi haar maan li".

10. You cannot eat your yesterday's rajma chawal the next day because they are no longer fresh. And you know, who you have to give full credits, yes it's the bloody power cut.


11. It's the bathroom which is your second home.

Going for bath every hour as if your bedroom has shifted to the bathroom.

12. Your sweat makes you and your clothes stink

13. Which eventually will make your girlfriend/boyfriend stay away from you.

The only thing which will be close to you is your sweat. *Hug tightly*.

14. Not just the clothes, it's your feet who have broken all the records of unpleasant smell.

So just a big NO to shoes and my prayers are with those around you.

15. To save yourself from the sunlight, you run fast to get inside your car but guess what? Your car was parked in the sun for hours.

Now you are confused and asking yourself, is it better to stay out for some time or should I go in and tolerate that baking heat?

Thanks, Indian summers for making our life wet cum sweat. We hope we never meet again in this parallel universe (Conditions - if you are above 35 degree Celsius).

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