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Thoughts That Come To Our Mind When We Are Stuck In Pepeee Wala Traffic

Date: 2018-03-19 19:37:51

By Erica

Don't you just hate it when the cyclist is faster than you? Like why do cars even exist on the road right? We've all had an experience with the cars that keep honking when the light is still red. Here are the top ten thoughts we've all probably had when stuck in traffic.

1. "Sabhko aaj hi ghar se niklna tha!

Couldn't everyone just stay at home?

2. Yaar, I wish I could just break the law. Fine kyu lagana tha yaar? Rules hi kyu hai India mein?

They should give a person at least 3 chances to jump the light.

3. Vehicle production should stop. Seriously. Pollution ki kisiko padhi hi nahi hai

Somebody needs to care about the environment. . . and how I feel.

4. Arrey! Yeh cyclist kaha se ja rha hai? Government should ban cyclist from cutting traffic

Hum yahan baithe hai aur ye slow motion mai fast ja raha hai!

5. *bangs head on steering wheel* twenty gaane hogaya aur gaadi sirf do kadam aage gayi. Bhagwaan help kardo yaar!

Can I part the traffic with some super human strength? Please God!

6. This is like slow murder

Ruk ruk ke jaana. Brake pe brake marna. Gaaid on/off karna. It is slow murder. Don't even get me started on the temperature and the annoying Rjs.

7. "Abe horn kya baja rha hai? Mujhe bhi koi shock nahi hai yahan rukne ka"

Two minutes later : *I keep blowing the horn even though the light is red*

It's the horn cycle. Someone behind you blows the horn, you yell. Then you blow the horn and someone in front of you yells.

8. "Agar mummy ki baat sun ke ghar per he jaati, I would in my pajamas, watching Mr. Bean or something. Mummy hamesha sahi hai"

Always listen to mummy. Don't leave home.

9. "I think I'm going to quit my job. Ye roz roz ki traffic mujhse ab saha nahi jaata"

Early morning traffic. Late evening traffic. Traffic hi traffic!

10. "I should start walking around"

Ugh. Let it be. I'll choose getting stuck in traffic, anyway.

So, what is your worst traffic experience? What are your thoughts when you get stuck in traffic? Don't feel shy to share. We all let out quite a lot of rage and irritation when we are stuck between vehicles and a blaring FM radio.

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