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Ranveer Singh Will Now Have A Train Named After Him In Switzerland. Can We Call Ranveer Express?

Date: 2018-04-27 16:43:15

By Abhishek

Ranveer Singh the man of charm. All his acts whether funky, innocent, loverboy has been epitomizing for our young Indians. In short span of time, from Bitto Sharma to Khilji, he has embedded his name in our hearts with his Bindaas-Mast-Maula-Stupendulously-Fantastic attitude. And now he has earned one more feather in his cap and a BHK space in our hearts - Our Bitto Sharma Aka Ranveer Singh will now have a special train which will be named after him in Switzerland.

The Switzerland tourism has named a train after his name and Ranveer Singh will be inaugurating the train on April 30, 2018.

He has a huge fan following in Switzerland and yes, he is the brand ambassador for Swiss tourism. So to do something special for the 'King Of Hearts' they decided to celebrate it in a style, so they named a train after Ranveer Singh.
Switzerland tourism and Swiss travel system have launched the train with an idea to honor the Indian tourists. The 'Ranveer on Tour' train will run the Golden Pass line before converging on the Swiss Alps.

You made us proud Ranveer!! I am packing my bags To RanveerLand(Switzerland).

Source: htcity

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