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With the Welcoming Budget For 2018, Twitterati's Welcomes The Same Way What Budget Got For Them

Date: 2018-02-02 14:48:33

By Abhishek


It's been more than 24 hours after the announcement of the Budget 2018 and still I am in a nightmare because I have no clue whether it is beneficial or again a Ram Bharose Budget(like it used to be earlier).

But....But after going through Twitter and watching people tweets I don't really feel that people are feeling good about it.

We have started putting our stand about this whole budget thing. Let me share some of it and you might get a trace what people thinks.
May be I can try make you feel better.

1. I think Jaitley Ji Forgot To Bring Middle Stump For Us.

2.Ouchh!! It Really Hurts

3. Yes, There Is A Lil Confusion??
Middle Class - NO, A Big Confusion, Locha Hai Baapu.

4.Bhai Thoda Patience!! You Will Get The Opportunity To Speak.

5. Hutt Bc. Match Hi Laga Tu

6. #Budget Day Before Valentines Day

7.Hmmm Aur Koi Option Hai?


9. Server Crashed!!

10. Bhoot Badiya, World Famous Budget.

11. Search!! We Might Get Atleast Baba Ji Ka Thullu

12. Expectations Lost

13. Just Another Reaction From A Lot

Thank God There Is No Taxes On People's Tweets.

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