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Today I Was Remembering My Two Months Vacations When I Was In School *Beautiful*

Date: 2017-12-06 17:21:28

By TabloidXO Writers

Nostalgia can be frightening. Something that can take you back can leave you there", goes a popular saying.

It's so true as I'm reminiscing my school days. Holidays were the most sought out thing at school. We prayed with our innocent hearts for them and got it now and then. But for is the best time was the time when we got the biggest break.

Two months of no study was, of course, the biggest attraction. Summer holidays are a time of celebration as we meet up with our extended family, we go on trips and so on. Also, we get showered with goodies and happiness. I'm sure that we all have a lot of memories regarding those 2 months of freedom.

Though we halted academic studies then, we learnt a lot of things during that period like riding a bicycle, cooking and so on. I remember doing some experiments in the kitchen and totally screwing up. The scoldings I got was severe enough for me to not try cooking until the next summer vacations :-p.

Also, the camps that I have attended take me back. It's a time to bond and have new friends. It's a time to go on adventures. As children, we are not bitten by the harsh realities of life and we have infinity in front of us. What I personally reckon from it is that we should always maintain the curiosity and innocence of a child. We are never too old and we still have that infinity in front of us. Summer vacations provide a lot of time to watch TV, fight with our siblings, laugh and cry, read, play and so on.

A lot of sports champions recognise their strength then. A lot of singers and dancers take form then. Of course, our parents had to put in the extra effort then. Still, it was all worth it for them as it was a time of development for their kids. This development never followed a definite plan, and that made most of our holidays amazing and unique. For me, enjoyment was most important. We learnt a lot of human values then. The world was open to us. It was also the time when we went back to our roots like our grandparents' home.

Travelling also made it better.

Thus, a lot of things can be remembered about those days. They were golden.I wish I got them back. But it's part of life. What's done cannot be undone. Let's all be happy that some wonderful things happened to us.

Atleast we can go back to remembering them. Let's take a moment here and admire the life and our memories. Those days of freedom has an irreplaceable position in our lives. Summer never felt better.

Remembering Your Stories?? Yes Those Were The Bestest Days Of Our Life's.

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