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Tyre Killer Speed Breakers In Pune Have Been Removed, Following Police Notice.

Date: 2018-04-07 12:01:53

By TabloidXO Writers

Remember those tire killers which were installed in Pune? They have been removed now, following the notice from the Pune police, the township removed them.
If you didn't know about this, recently Amanora Park Town in Pune had installed tire killers to stop vehicles to drive from a wrong direction.

Actually, tire killers is a metal strip speed breakers which are installed on roads. The strip has two sides, one is plain and the other side has sharp spikes. So the vehicles which are coming from the right direction are safe from the burst. The other side which has spikes fixed restrict the vehicle to cross over from the wrong side and If they do so, the tire will be burst.

This video will help you in understanding the mechanism.

Pune police sent a notice to the Amanora management to remove the metal strip as it is dangerous to the masses.

In a talk with the Pune Mirror, traffic inspector said:

The spikes are very sharp and can turn fatal if someone falls there. Especially with the school around, the risk is severe. They had not sought permission for any such installation. Even though it has been put up in the township, the road is being used by the masses and we have to ensure their safety.

The vice president of the township said:

Considering the excessive vehicular commotion near the school, we had put up the tire killers to ensure that people coming to pick their kids do not drive on the wrong side. The wrong-way drivers were a threat to kids' safety. Also, we have seen multiple accidents every now and then. Since we put up these, the number of people driving in the wrong direction has decreased.

Share your thoughts, Is this decision good or bad?

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