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Unable To Get Over Your EX? We Got A Special Advice For You Feat. Erica

Date: 2018-01-26 01:07:29

By Erica

I am the last person anyone shoulder ever ask for relationship advice.
1.Because I will give the best advice.
2.It comes from fictional experience.
3.I will be cursing you in my mind


When I was young and stupid (still I am but like 2% less) I had a crush on this boy who just wouldn't let go of his Ex-girlfriend's memories. The same thing happens with most of us right? I know it's tough because you were in lu-uh-ve. But try! How hard can it be?

You know when someone cheats on you, breaks your trust and dumps you, of course, it is tough to wake up from that. Recover from it. But stop saying, "I can't get over him", "I can't get over her", "I'm still in love with him." If you can't get it out of your system, if you can't go back, just let it stay in a corner of your heart. Keep it as a memory. Don't live according to the pain etched within your skin.

Say you are 'scared' for life. Delete all your pictures with him and then cry when you see his Whatsapp display picture. Refuse to unfollow him on Instagram and Twitter because you don't want him to think you are not over him. But you are torturing yourself. Learn to cut out the ugly once and for all of your life. It is not wrong to fall in love again. It is not wrong to want something better for yourself.

I am not heartless. I would cry and miss my boyfriend if I was dumped. But how long would I hold on to it? Yes, I would have a hard time getting over him maybe, I wouldn't want to flirt with anyone. I wouldn't feel like dating again. I might end up comparing everyone to him. I'll probably never want to fall in love again.


You got two options when you are unable to get over your Ex.
One : Go back.
Two: Move on.
I'll give you a third option. Stay single.


I'm trying not to give a free counseling session to the heartbroken out there, but this is just how I feel. You might say I don't have a heart or that true love doesn't go away so easily. That's not it. True love doesn't have to last for eternity. It doesn't have to go down in the books of history as an epic love story. It can be for a day. It can be for a month. It can be for years after the person is gone and the relationship you had, has ended too. You can continue to miss your Ex. Love your Ex. Hold your phone, dial and re-dial his number, but don't cry about it. Be happy that you got a chance to experience a love like the one you had.

Explore yourself. Go around. Remember what it is like to be alone. Relive the happy moments you have with him on your own. Create new memories. Not to replace the old, but to have something else to think about. It's not wrong to miss somebody. Sometimes it isn't the person, it's the feeling you had, that fire of emotion, love, and attachment you felt that you miss the most.

It will be hard and this might all sound like a bucket of crap being dumped on you, but I think this is what people with broken hearts should think. But this is only my opinion. I suggest, take the pieces of your heart, tape it together and love again. Love yourself. Love the next person waiting to love you back. Waiting to make you feel fearless, fierce and crazy in love.

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