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To All The Students Whose Exam Result Declared Today, Vir Das Wants To Talk Something Motivational

Date: 2018-05-26 16:39:16

By TabloidXO Writers

The festival of exam result is out in the country and many students are eagerly waiting to see what they scored in the exam. Some will be happy, some of them will be in a tensed mode, so to overcome the anxiety and fear from the exam result, our very own Vir Das has came up with the video(the video released on 2016) to inspire student around the country.

You know what makes this video more fascinating??
He talked all his mind, without saying a single word.

This amazing video shared by him talks about how to overcome fear. He came up with a very good idea - "Just listen to your own voice, a voice which is not of people around you, but an inner voice of yourself talking to you".

Kindly share Vir Das words if you know someone near you who is sad and feeling anxious about his/her result or he/she has not done well in the exam, just motivate them with such inspirational stories. Your words might help someone who is in need of some sort of motivation.

Check out the video and witness his words of wisdom and motivate yourself and others around you.

Thank You Vir Das For Such Great Words.

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