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It's Adorable!! However, Am Baffled Over Rat Bathing On Its Own And That Too Scrubbing

Date: 2018-02-06 18:27:14

By Abhishek

When was the last time you scrub your head, your arms while bathing?

Don't remember?

Or What Should I ask? Had you ever saw anyone apart from human beings, taking a bath on its own and that too scrubbing his entire body to make him look clean?

This mouse/rat does this, like a normal being this this rat does this, yeah you read it write, this rat is actually cleaning himself to look like a swagger/gentleman/boss, like I am confused what name should I give.

There are millenials,
There are Gen Z,
There are Gen Alpha
But But But.. This rat has traveled a long long way.

Rat bathing itself from r/funny

This video is taking rounds on the internet from couple of days and after seeing it I am literally confused.

Me: Itna dhangse kaun nahata hai bhai, and that too rat?

Rat : Mein Nahata hu BC.

Hmm. But whatever it is that's looking so adorable and for girls he has become the superhero in just few days.

Right Girls?

The only thing I want to greet in the end is:

If this rat is enjoying because he wants to then it is fine, BUT
If someone has pushed him to act like this then it is my humble request guys don't force any animal to do something which you want.

Let them be their own self. Let Them Live Free.

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