This Uncle Dancing On 'Aapke Aajaane Se' Is The Most Dhinkachika Thing You Will See Today

Date: 2018-06-01 16:47:23

By Abhishek

OH, MY GOD!! I Can't Believe my eyes!!

He was terrific, He was Amazing, He was everything(All the good words are for him). Look at his clean moves.
Ok, let me tell you who I am talking about.

This Uncle!!

He is an overnight star guys. Personally, hands up - I am his fan now. He danced like ekdum makhan. If I talk about me, I am the pathetic dancer, even if I gulp a beer to just shake my legs on the dance floor, I am sure I will be a disaster.

The video surfaced on social media where you will see an amazing uncle dancing to Govinda's 'Aap Ke Aa Jane Se' at a function and I bet when you're done watching it, you will try to do at least one step like him, I did it. And I already told you, I did a blunder but mazaa aaya.

I know you might go up to see the video again, Chill!! Sit back relax, dont do that Kadi Mehnat because I got you this cool dance again here:

After his killing moves, Twitter gave a huge round of applause to this cool uncle guy:

I am thankful to you Uncle, to make me motivated. Now next time I will break the dance floor(don't worry I am 70 Kg's).

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