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Virat Kohli Breaks His Silence On His Beard Insurance Rumors, And He Accept That He Has Insured....

Date: 2018-06-10 12:32:47

By TabloidXO Writers

Few days back, a video was leaked on social media where it looked like Virat Kohli is getting his beard insured.

Check the leaked video here.

So to clear all those fussy rumors about his beard, he addressed the nation and accept that he has insured something, but it's not his beard BUT this,

Insurance To Karaayi Hai, Lekin Gaadi Ki, Daadhi Ki Nahi.

Ab Samajhe Insurance Kiski Karaayi Thi??

Still blurred?
Check out the full video:

The leaked video was not related to insuring his beard. Actually he was acting in a shoot for the new Philips trimmer. And I am glad that he has become the brand face of the Philips India.

That was smartly played by Virat Kohli and Philips!! I have to say, You both made us exercise our brain all through these days.

Do check out their twitter handle for some awesome stuff.

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