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A to Z Reasons Why We All Should Have A Girl Best-Friend.

Date: 2018-02-04 13:58:58

By Danish Jaffery

"Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte."


One of the popular line from our very own entertainment industry A.K.A Bollywood. This line makes us cherish that a 'girl and a boy' can be friends and that can be the purest form of friendship one can cherish!

A big High-Five to all those guys and girls friendships who can't be more grateful for the friendship they are blessed with.

Let's give the world some reasons why we should do it more often!

1. Share it all. Nothing kept burdened in.


Yar Tujhe Pata Hai Mere Sath Kya Hua?
Yar Tujhe Pata Hai Mujhe Mummy Ne Danta.
Yar Tujhe Pata Hai...
Yar Tujhe Pata Hai...
The one place where you can be an open book and not get worried about being judged because you both have already accepted each other the way you are!
And why are secrets meant to be if not to share with your bestie!

2. You can make fun of people together!


Let's admit. No matter howsoever goody good we seem to be to the world, you hold that perk of completely undressing your devils in front of each other, bitch about people, make fun of them and laugh together!


3. There's no one who can understand you better.
Like Literally No One.


Now that you know every single bit of each other, you people do know all of each other's fears, worries, and joys! And you need not worry to be weird with them.
Because there's no on one who understands you better.

4. No gf/bf awkward moments.


And now that you know how weird or how lame you both are, you need not worry to always trying to impress her. So, there's gonna be no pretentious moments and hence no such awkward moments when you might get caught!

5. You can make fun of her!


And to make it even better what comes with the "friendship"thing is that you can make fun of her. This is something you better not imagine doing to your girlfriend but when it's you girl bff then woohoo! You go, boy!

6. You don't have to pay the bill every time! You're not to impress her but annoy her!


Another fortune that comes with it is that you don't always have to worry for paying the bills! That fatso is equally responsible for finishing that plate is even more responsible to pay for it. And yes, not just hers! You're too.

Yes. Now that fair!

7. You both can make other guys and girls jealous!


The fact that you both are aware of what an amazing bond you share, now it's time to flaunt it!

And you do know who gets jealous with this!
So, go out! Get your oyster! Paint the world red!

8. You give no shit about what the world thinks!


And while you flaunt upon your amazing bond without even caring of being judged, that's when you'll hear someone actually doing it. So, for those, save a finger of yours and just get on back with that fun you two are having!

9. She can get you a girlfriend!


And the fact that she has an easy access that a lot of the population she might bring you a gem from there!
You just need to tell her your choice and consider half of your work done. She'll do the brainwashing well enough for her to fall for a jerk like you!

10. You get to know the Venus!


And after that she has helped you to get your dream girl, you need to know ways how to keep her happy b'coz you are aware of what a potato you are!

Men are from Mars! Women are from Venus!
Yeah so, she can give you an occasional tour of her planet!

So, here's this little yet enough number of reasons to go for a girl bff!
And you know what, you can show this to her as well and maybe it gets even better of what a special bond you two share!

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