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Here Is Why Popcorns And Other Food And Drinks Are So Expensive In Movie Theaters

Date: 2018-06-30 13:40:12

By TabloidXO Writers


Going to watch a movie is nothing less than a picnic, because we are not just going to watch the movie but also, we will be enjoying the popcorn, sandwiches and soft drink side by side. But don't you felt the need to goof off the so high prices on this food and drinks?

Well, we all do thought, however, we can't!!

Many questions come to our mind when we are just a click away to book a ticket. But the ticket, entertainment, and the food does not come free of cost, and theaters are not our rakhee brothers who will provide us with free tickets and free food. We have to pay for the ticket, entertainment and the food(if you want).

And we literally wish, they were!!


After all the zip whip, one thing which comes to our mind is; why food court at movie theaters are so fucking expensive?

And this cannot be the case that they eternally run out of money or they are so broke!! Then why the hell do they do this to us??

So after researching for hours, getting our head scratched, pulling out our 4-5 hair, we finally got the reasons for the extremely half-baked theory of making the food and drinks expensive.

Firstly, we all know that cinema and our love - 'the food' goes side by side holding their hands tightly. And please don't get traumatized because this is the first reason.


The theater management knows that if we are here to watch the movie, which means we have bought the expensive ticket, so this gives them the clue that we can also afford to buy that 200 bucks of medium cold drink and 400 bucks of popcorn tub too. This basic knowledge of consumer behavior helps them earn a lot of money through popcorns and cold drinks and other stuff.

The second reason is;

The movie theaters outsource the food stalls to the third party vendors at a very high cost, and to make the revenue and to earn profits. These party vendors have to increase the prices so that they can easily recover their investment which they have ventured.

Spot on this is the reason why you are not allowed to get your snacks inside their premises.

They are double smart than us. They know, as soon as we get inside there pitch, we will be left with no option but to buy that expensive food. Those clever minds know that people have come to entertain themselves or to get their mind relax, and to do both the things we will entertain our tummy too. Therefore they know they are the ultimate boss inside the multiplex.


We know you might be feeling overcharged now and you might be thinking to cancel your Friday movie schedule!

No, you don't need to do so, because there is no rule of thumb that you have to buy that popcorn and that soft drink.

Just hop on with the latest movies and yes, Sanju is already winning the hearts. So go watch now and enjoy!!

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