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Introducing Priya Varrier, The Girl Who Took The Internet By Storm By Just Winking Her Eyes.

Date: 2018-02-12 16:28:07

By TabloidXO Writers

Kaun Hai Ye? Who is Priya Varrier? Kya Chalra Hai Internet Pe?

If you are asking this question to yourself whenever you see this girl while scrolling down your facebook, twitter, instagram stories - then you are at a correct place.
Yes we know this girl and it's time to introduce to you too.

Her name is Priya Prakash Varrier. She is been seen in the upcoming Malayalam film Oru Adaar Love.

Currently, she is a first year BCom student, who is studying in Vimala College Thirassur, Kerala. She has achieved a lot in these 3 to 4 days and we really congratulate her.

She has now got millions of hearts by just *winking*!!

See the people reactions when they were watching Priya Varrier Teaser.

She joined in couple of days back and her Twitter account has already jumped over 20k and its growing more. And talking about her Insta diaries she got a massive fan following and she is on a verge of crossing 1M followers.


We are grateful to see her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profile.
She was immediate to thank her fans when she crossed 187k followers on Instagram.

However She is not just about her acting skills which we all have seen, she got another talent too.

This video definitely proves that she has got good melodious voice too. *Rockstar In The Making*.

Her Photogenic Face


A post shared by priya prakash varrier (@priya.p.varrier) on

She sees in black and white, Thinks in greys, But loves in colour🖤

A post shared by priya prakash varrier (@priya.p.varrier) on

Finally, when your best friend buys a good phone @sree_17 💜

A post shared by priya prakash varrier (@priya.p.varrier) on

Priya Varrier!! Welcome To The MILLIONAIRE Club With Such A Fruity *Wink*.

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